MSNBC: George W. Bush’s Book Is Wildly Popular…Because He Was Hated

Riiight.  Because people just love to drop cash on books about people they loathe.

Mediate via Hot Air

In the battle of the presidential memoirs, George W. Bush is gaining some significant ground on his predecessor, selling almost as many copies of Decision Points in two months as President Bill Clinton sold of his in two years. Why would Americans be so eagerly purchasing the product? One suggestion on MSNBC is that, maybe, people just hate Bush more. Speaking to Norah O’Donnell, who introduced the segment in awe of the book sales given approval ratings, Salon writer Alex Pareene brought a grab-bag of reasons that Bush’s book may be selling like hotcakes, few of which were flattering:

It may be the fact that he was hated by so many people actually helped fuel his book sales because people wanted to hear him actually justify himself and explain some of his decisions that he made. And, you know, there are, I mean, you can imagine that some people bought it as a gag or some people got it, received it as a gift and didn’t really want it.

Why of course….a gag gift! 

It’s going to be a long two years for Poor Norah & Co. at MSNBC now that the bloom is officially off The Messiah’s rose and people are looking back on the Bush years with longing.  Pass the popcorn!





4 thoughts on “MSNBC: George W. Bush’s Book Is Wildly Popular…Because He Was Hated

  1. Of course…..that makes perfect sense.

    I hate spinach. So naturally, when I’m at the grocery store, I fill my shopping cart up with spinach so I can remind myself of how much I hate spinach.

    /Haven’t these hacks at MSNBC ever heard of……oh……I dunno….A LIBRARY?

    [Happy New Year’s, BTW]

  2. What utter bs,,commies cannot afford books. Wonder how many use that garrulous Clinton tome as a doorstop.Or deadly weapon.

  3. A gag gift? Pretty expensive little joke, I’d say.
    Have these talking heads actually bought a book lately?

    Oh, wait. That was a silly question, wasn’t it?

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