Figures. Sheriff Dipstick’s Department Had Contact With Loughner Prior To Shooting

Lefty media darling Sheriff Dupnik has some ‘splainin to do.  

TUCSON — The police were sent to the home where Jared L. Loughner lived with his family on more than one occasion before the attack here on Saturday that left a congresswoman fighting for her life and six others dead, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department said on Tuesday.

A spokesman, Jason Ogan, said the details of the calls were being reviewed by legal counsel and would be released as soon as the review was complete. He said he did not know what the calls were about — they could possibly have been minor, even trivial matters — or whether they involved Jared Loughner or another member of the household.

It’s time for the official lawman of MSNBC to to STFU, stop blaming Rush Limbaugh and start explaining to the victims’ families why his department dropped the ball and allowed this psycho killer to roam the streets of Tuscon unchecked.

4 thoughts on “Figures. Sheriff Dipstick’s Department Had Contact With Loughner Prior To Shooting

  1. I think Mark Levin was calling Deputy Dawg ‘Sheriff for the Defense’.

    To be fair, those encounters in and of themselves probably wouldn’t have raised too many alarm bells in most jusrisdictions. However, the really creepy and unnerving displays and outbursts were pretty evident once he enrolled in Pima County Community College (where the campus police had repeated contact with him)

  2. This was a truly tragic event and the President needed to address the nation- as he did well. However, the President also politicized this event by dragging out Napolitano and Holder, who have no connection to the victims. This was not a national security event or a boarder control issue- but a memorial. The White House controlled this event and dragged out their cronies to flaunt their “stuff”. The People of Arizona and the nation would have been better served to hear from the people of Arizona’s elected officials, such as John McCain and other Arizona elected officials who have some connection to Arizona.

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