We’re Wicked Freakin’ Smaaht

The People’s Republic of Massachusetts has been named the smartest state in the USA.  Judging from how the majority of my smarty pants neighbors voted in the last election, I’m not so sure. 

BOSTON (CBS) – A new survey says Massachusetts is most-educated state in the nation.

The Kauffman Foundation looked at the education of each state’s work force.

It found 61-percent of residents in the Commonwealth have some college education and 16-percent have advanced degrees.

Maryland and Colorado were second and third in the survey, followed by three New England states – Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

More than 60-percent of New Hampshire residents have been to college and more than 11-percent have advanced degrees.

Advanced degrees don’t translate to smarts.  Look no further than the current occupant of the Oval Office for proof.

5 thoughts on “We’re Wicked Freakin’ Smaaht

  1. Mass may have the education, but here in Texas we got jobs and more coming so enjoy your taxes and government handouts.

  2. lol,like my Dad used to say,smart as a horse but your ears are too long. How fitting in describing these smug donks. 🙂

  3. Almost forgot,yeah,CT is so damned smart they elected a governor who cannot,by his own admission, write. You read that correctly,Governor Molloy of CT is half an illiterate who seems rather proud of the fact. Classic CT.Bragging about teh stoooopid.

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