“Make no mistake about it. We are at war.”

The new civility comes to Massachusetts again.  First it was Mike “The Penguin” Capuano with his hate speech and now the Commonwealth’s Labor Czar is declaring war on the governor of Wisconsin.

Politicians and taxpayer advocates blasted Gov. Deval Patrick’s labor czar yesterday for attending a pro-union rally and declaring “war” on Wis. Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining crackdown — saying the administration’s open union support doesn’t serve taxpayers’ interests.

“The administration is not on the side of the taxpayer. … It’s been on the side of the unions and special interests,” said state Rep. Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton), who co-sponsored a bill on Beacon Hill that would strip some collective bargaining rights from state employees. “The rhetoric really needs to be toned down.”

Patrick officials scrambled to distance themselves yesterday from comments by state Department of Labor chief George Noel, who told the crowd at a union rally Saturday: “Make no mistake about it. We are at war.”

It goes without saying that had the same sentence been uttered by a Republican, the usual suspects on the left would have the vapoers and the footage put on a continuous loop on MSNBC.

3 thoughts on ““Make no mistake about it. We are at war.”

  1. I believe the term Labor Czar in this instance to be a misnomer.

    Kommisar would be more appropriate.

    I don’t doubt for a minute though that the thought of having to perform some actual labor is scaring the bejesus out of the hacks and their pinky ring union thug puppet masters

  2. To quote a Colonial Patriot

    If they want war, let it begin here.
    That’s right war with Socialists, Communists, who are out to destroy this country with a Communist President, a moronic Vice President, and an Attorney General who is so out of the loop, he belongs on Mars.

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