Where Have All The Moonbats Gone?

Howie Carr asks the same question we have all been asking since the Vacationer In Chief strarted a third war with an oil-rich Muslim country while playing soccer in Rio. 

When George Bush was president, every People’s Republic in New England had a hard-core group of wrinkly haters who would gather weekly on the town common, or in front of the courthouse, holding “No Blood for Oil” signs.

Where have all the moonbats gone? Who knew there was a Witness Protection Program for the MIA Birkenstock crowd? I’ve even got a new chant for them: “Hey hey, ho ho, Barack the war criminal’s got to go!”

Will Cindy Sheehan take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard this summer to protest Barack on one of his many vacations, which the lickspittles in the media now invariably refer to as “working vacations”?

Will Comrade Chris Matthews call Obama what he always used to call Bush and Cheney? You know, “chickenhawk.”Remember Abu Ghraib? The New York Times [NYT] went crazy over “war crimes.”

Now there are thousands of photos of a handful of U.S. troops in Afghanistan posing with “trophy” bodies of civilians. But all the Times has to say is, nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


6 thoughts on “Where Have All The Moonbats Gone?

  1. I should have asked that to the driver of the Moonbat Mobile that I saw today. that very question… I knew it was a Moonbat Mobile because they had the holy trintity of Moonbatitude …. A “Got Yarn” bumber sticker on the left. An Obama bumper sticker on the right under a Smith College decal on the rear window.

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