Well Played, Trump. Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

I’ve opined for some time that there were two possible reasons for Obama’s refusal to release his long form birth certificate.  One of my possible theories was that his religion was listed as Muslim which could have lost him the election.  The other theory (shared by many) was that there was absolutely nothing damaging on the long form, but the Obama camp decided early on that instead of releasing it,  they would keep it embargoed to shoot down those who questioned his citizenship and label them racists and kooks.  But then came along The Donald.   Obama and his staff quickly lost control of the narrative and Americans who are already unhappy with his handling of everything from gas prices to Lybia had a daily dose of Trump on the airwaives raising the question of his citizenship over and over again.  With his poll numbers tanking, Obama could not afford this heading into  the 2012 election cycle. 

Of course Obama couldn’t resist scolding us for daring to raise the question while he has hard work to do.  Like playing golf and taking vacations.

3 thoughts on “Well Played, Trump. Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

  1. I always felt that Obama was not going to release it becausethe issue diverted attention from his lousy presidency, made his opponents look like fools, and those who wanted to see his birth certificate were not going to vote for him anyway.

  2. It’s not a birth certificate. It’s just a certificate of live birth.

    When I ask you for coffee you give me coffee, not tea. When I ask you to produce a BC you produce a BC, not a CLB.

  3. I was of the thought that maybe his father wasn’t listed on the certificate. While it wouldn’t do anything to prove he wasn’t eligible, it would shatter the man who’s reputation was built on “Dreams from my Father”.

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