Justice: Bin Laden Taken Out By Navy Seals

Courtesy of the red, white and blue.

Declaring “justice has been done,” President Obama announced late Sunday that Usama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan, marking the end of the worldwide manhunt that began nearly a decade ago on Sept. 11, 2001.

The president made the stunning announcement within hours of informing congressional leaders. He said bin Laden was killed Sunday, the culmination of years of intelligence gathering. The news drew a large crowd to the front of the White House, as well as in Times Square, as people chanted “USA. USA.”

Rot. In. Hell.

6 thoughts on “Justice: Bin Laden Taken Out By Navy Seals

  1. Let us pray for all those killed on 9/11. Let us pray for the Soldiers,Marines,Sailors ,Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen who have been killed or wounded in our fight against Islamo Fascism. Let us pray for those that serve and protect us now. Much work remains. Their sacrifice is not in vain.

  2. Would it be in poor taste to start ululating and passing out sweets?

    I only regret was that it wasn’t severe porcine-induced rectal trauma and bleeding that did 0sama in for his final few agonizing hours….

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