Auntie Z’s Breathtaking Arrogance

Last night Obama’s Auntie Z. sat down for an interview with the local CBS affiliate here in Boston.  Her arrogance and disdain for the people from whom she has been accepting handouts for the last decade was breathtaking. Sound familiar?

I guess we know what side of the family the arrogance gene comes from.

Shocka. Obama’s Auntie Z. Granted Asylum, Will Remain In US On Taxpayer Dime

As if the judge was going to ship her back to Kenya and face the wrath of Barry & Co.

A jubilant Zeituni Onyango celebrated in South Boston today after learning a U.S. immigration court granted her asylum – a decision her neighbors speculated was probably helped by her nephew, President Obama.

“It’s obvious her nephew helped,” said neighbor Marion Swain. “She’s a very nice person – very well spoken. That’s life.”

Onyango faced being deported to Kenya by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, but a judge ruled she can now apply for a work visa and green card

Work visa?  Pu-leeze.  Why work when she can mooch off of the hardworking taxpayers of Massachusetts until the day she doesn’t come down for breakfast.