Shocker. Chuck Turner Plays The Race Card; UPDATE: Turner Gets The Boot, Blames The Irish


The usual players of the race card are out in force trying to shame the Boston City Council into allowing Chuck Turner to keep his job.  Last month Turner was convicted in federal court of accepting a $1000 bribe in exchange for helping a Boston business man secure a liquor license.   As the City Council considers his fate he is playing the race card. 

“Why would they go after a 67-year-old man except to shut my mouth?” Turner said yesterday. “This is all about the U.S. government trying to silence a black man who stood up for 44 years and spoke truth to power. And now the council is being asked to go along with the plot to silence me.”

Petitions to “keep Chuck Turner on Boston City Council and out of jail” have been posted on the leftist Web site as well as the International Action Center, a New York-based social justice organization. Several city councilors have been bombarded with hundreds of e-mails from across the country.

“We think this is a huge political attack by the FBI,” said Edward Childs, a spokesman for the International Action Center’s Boston chapter. “This is a political attack on the civil rights movement in this country — no different than they did with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and many others.”

Welcome to the post-racial world Obama’s election ushered in.

UPDATE: Turner has been expelled from the Boston City Council by a 11-1 vote.  And it’s all because of the Irish

The ethnically mixed council, which includes five members with Irish surnames, voted 11-to-1 on a motion by President Michael Ross to expel Turner, marking the first time the board has booted a member.

“Those Irish men and women forgot their history,” Turner bellowed outside City Hall last night, referring to the council. “James Michael Curley is ashamed of his descendants.”

Former Mayor Raymond L. Flynn took umbrage with Turner’s tirade, saying, “I’m a very proud Irish Catholic politician, and I am very disturbed with such a comparison. It’s completely unacceptable, and I’m sad that Mr. Turner . . . would make that statement. Nobody should use his name in their own defense because Jim Curley’s record stands out more so than anybody. Councilor Turner was misguided.”

State Rep. Eugene O’Flaherty, a Charlestown Democrat, said he didn’t take “personal offense” to Turner’s harangue but felt it was out of bounds.

“What I don’t understand is how anything about it could be directed at any one racial or ethnic group. That’s completely uncalled for,” O’Flaherty said.

Tell, me Superfly: What Irish man or woman was holding a gun to your head when you accepted $1000 from an FBI informant?

Raaacist Boston PD Participating In ICE Program Aimed At Deporting Illegals

Well, now, what do we have here?  While the Boston City Council was busy passing a resolution to boycott Arizona for its raaaacist immigration law, Boston’s finest were working with ICE to rid the Commonwealth of illegals.

San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. have fought to block this program. A Boston police spokesperson wouldn’t confirm whether the department is participating.

But according to federal documents and ICE, the Boston Police Department is participating. These officials say Boston is one of the cities where the program started.

“Boston was actually part of a pilot back in 2006 that first tested interoperability,” Martin says.

According to Martin, Boston shares the fingerprints of everyone it arrests with immigration officials. He says it’s all part of a plan to work more “efficiently.”

Here’s how it works:

When Boston police officers arrest someone, they enter their fingerprints into a database of FBI, Homeland Security and immigration information. If the person has had any interaction with immigration officials — if they overstayed a visa, if they applied for asylum, if they have a green card — it will ping officials. If ICE wants that person, they’ll call Boston police to put a hold on them.

ICE categorizes these immigrants — some of whom are here legally — by the severity of the charges against them. The program is supposed to target the worst offenders — “Level 1s” — people charged with murder, kidnapping, national security crimes. But Martin says ICE officials also deport people accused of lesser crimes that are picked up by Boston police officers.

“It’s based on what our resources allow,” he says. “Certainly somebody that is arrested for a Level 2 offense that also has those charges which make them removable, if we have the resources to devote to that, then we certainly will do that and enforce the immigration laws.”

Guess who was governor in 2006?  Not Deval.  Guess who was president?  Not Barry.

I wonder if some disgruntled illegal will storm the field at Fenway waving a Brazilian flag in response to this raaacist, xenophobic policy?

MA Hack Alert! City Of Boston Employees Are Facebook & Twitter Junkies

Via the Boston Herald

Meet Amy Derjue, Communications Director for Boston City Council President, Michael Ross. She takes in $39,000 a year while Twittering and updating her Facebook status with profound statements such as:

“Amy Derjue is going to sit in the Council meeting and nap,”

“Somebody bring me a hot coffee and fluffy sweater, please,”

“20 minutes and I am OUT. Gone. No longer present. Do not contact unless you want to drink, shop, or watch sporting events.”

Or my favorite:

“Look at the uterus. It is so cute.”

Bored Boston government workers are goofing off on Facebook and other popular social networking sites on taxpayer time, boasting of napping during meetings, playing “Mafia Wars,” creating anagrams of their names and planning Halloween costumes.

The poster girl for the on-the-clock cyber-slacking is Amy Derjue, who earns $39,000 a year as Boston City Council President Michael Ross’ communications director.

The former Boston magazine blogger regularly updates her personal status on Facebook and Twitter throughout the work day, brazenly joking to her online pals about snoozing at a hearing, writing snarky comments about the reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” opining on an article about Boston being one of the best cities to meet guys and babbling about her Halloween wig.

“Amy Derjue is going to sit in the Council meeting and nap,” she wrote on Facebook at 11:49 a.m. last Wednesday. The next day, she spent the morning complaining about her chilly City Hall cubicle on Twitter. “Somebody bring me a hot coffee and fluffy sweater, please,” she wrote at 9:32 a.m.

Another workday posting was a link to a cartoon “menstrual flow chart,” to which she commented, “Look at the uterus. It is so cute.” And she was apparently eager to punch out that day, writing at 4:40 p.m.: “20 minutes and I am OUT. Gone. No longer present. Do not contact unless you want to drink, shop, or watch sporting events.”

Other Facebook junkies include:

Mac Daniel, the $93,000-a-year communications director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, posted an item on Facebook during one apparently lazy summer workday that showed his name as an anagram for “I’m a candle.” Other workday musings included a YouTube video of comedian Louis C.K. and rants about the World Series and GOP Rep. Joe Wilson – who famously shouted “You lie” to President Obama during a speech.

City Councilor John Tobin’s $71,000-a-year administrative assistant David Isberg plays a Web-based game called “Mafia Wars” almost daily on Facebook during regular work hours.

Johanna Sena, a $49,000-a-year community liaison for Ross, bantered with Derjue on Facebook about prescription drugs and coffee one recent morning, and their cold office another day. “I say we plot to steal (co-worker) Julie’s portable heater,” Sena typed to Derjue.

Dot Joyce, spokeswoman for Mayor Thomas M. Menino, said city computers and equipment are for work purposes only.

Ross said one of the reasons he hired Derjue was to “broaden” his social networking and develop a personality for his office.

“I like what Amy’s doing,” said Ross, adding he encourages Derjue to use Facebook and Twitter to spread his message to constituents. “It’s not so that she’s fritting away her time. . . . She doesn’t have time to waste.”

Tobin defended Isberg’s Facebook usage, saying his staff doesn’t work a “typical 9-to-5 day.”

“The thing I’m most upset about is all this time playing ‘Mafia Wars’ and he hasn’t come close to the top 10 in scoring,” Tobin cracked.

Daniel, meanwhile, said MCCA policy allows for some personal usage but acknowledged, “In general, technology should be used for MCCA-related business.”

Some employees also may be violating laws that bar public employees from engaging in politics on the job. Isberg, for example, posted an ad for a Mike Capuano for Senate campaign event in West Roxbury Thursday afternoon.

Oh, to be a Hack.