MA Hack Alert! Bra-Stuffing Bribe Recipient To Plead Guilty

Dianne Wilkerson, (D-Hackkville) is going to plead guilty in federal court today. 

The plea agreement Wilkerson struck with federal prosecutors was not made public, according to court documents filed yesterday.

The Roxbury Democrat was scheduled to go to trial June 21 on charges of extortion, theft of honor services and mail and wire fraud stemming from her allegedly pocketing $23,500 in payola between 2002 and 2008 in exchange for her paving the way for a nightclub liquor license and land development.

Wilkerson was secretly photographed – and immortalized – jamming $1,000 into her bra by an undercover operative at an upscale Beacon Hill brasserie. Neither she nor her attorney Max Stern returned calls for comment.

This was not Wilkerson’s first brush with the law.

Wilkerson, who voters chose not to return to a seventh term in office one month before her October 2008 arrest, is an attorney, but has been suspended from practicing law for more than a decade because of her 1997 conviction for willful failure to file federal income tax returns, and for subsequently violating the terms of her probation by breaking a 9 p.m. curfew.

My hunch is she will avoid jail time by taking the guilty plea.  Judging from her track record, she will violate probation and wind up in the can or under house arrest.

Another day, another corrupt Democrat facing a judge in criminal court.

Queen Nancy Scrambles For Votes

Unless some bribes took place overnight, the votes aren’t there yet.

According to Roll Call, Loretta Sanchez is a NO.  She voted yes for the House bill back in November.

According to Hot Air, Zack Space and Jim Matheson are both now in the NO column.

I am not convinced this is a done deal.

Update:  Firedog Lake has an excellent graph of the YES and NO votes as of 8:00 p.m. last night.

Coburn To Dems Who Sold Their Votes: It’s Gonna Be Hell

It’s on.  Coburn was referring to the jobs that several Democrats have been promised by The Liar In Chief in exchange for their votes. 

Coburn makes his own promise to these whores:  Every single penny heading to your district will be scrutinized, publicized and demonized.

Video via Hot Air

What these despicable fools don’t seem to realize is that there will come a day in the not too distant future where they will be the party out of power and their sickening behavoir will come back to bite them in their shady asses.  I, for one, am counting the minutes until we have our day of reckoning.