Senate Democrats Pass Wildly Unpopular Health Care Reform

Barack Obama and the Democrats own this bill.  They own the mandate, they own the new taxes, they own the debt, the own the deficit , they own the cuts to Medicare, they own the death panels and every other provision in this odious power/money grab.  But most importantly, they own the public’s rage for ignoring their will

The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly tracking update shows that 41% of voters nationwide favor the bill and 55% are opposed. Those figures are essentially unchanged from a week ago. This the fifth straight week with support for the legislation between 38% and 41%.

Among senior citizens, the group most likely to use the health care system, just 33% are in favor while 60% are opposed. Most adults under 30 favor the plan, but majorities of every other age group take the opposite view.

The intensity remains with those who oppose the legislation. Just 19% Strongly Favor the plan while 45% are Strongly Opposed.

Polling released last week showed that 57% of voters say passing nothing would be preferable to passing the current legislation. Most voters (54%) believe they personally will be worse off if the legislation passes.

Have fun over Christmas recess,  boys and girls.  Get ready to feel the heat like you have never felt it before.