DeMint Objects To Appointment Of Conferees

Jim DeMint gave lumps of coal to Obama, Reid and Pelosi before the Christmas break.  Erik Erickson at Red State calls this the best Christmas present ever.  I don’t know if I would go that far, but it certainly warmed my heart to see that the Republicans are going to keep fighting the good fight for us.  

When Senator DeMint engineered, and Republican Leader McConnell actually objected to the appointment of the conferees, he was really handing the ball off to the left wingers — progressives if you will — and now they have their shot to either hold their own clan members who are against the Senate compromises and force them to vote No, or have their policy demands be ignored and take the crumbs from Senator Nelson’s and Senator Lieberman’s table.

Now, because of the Senator DeMint’s objection, unless the House votes for the Senate bill unchanged — which is highly unlikely (see below) — then the Senate ObamaCare bill must be amended on the House floor to gain the votes they need to pass it on the House floor. And because of Senator DeMint’s objection to the appointment of the conferees, there will be no conference, or conference report.

If the House amends the Senate bill, they then have to send the amended bill back to the Senate — where all the 60 vote margin cloture votes still apply — cloture on the motion to proceed, and cloture to end the filibuster and cloture on any amendment.

Do I believe that this objection to the appointment of the conferees will kill ObamaCare? Yes, if the progressives or those 64 House Democrats who voted for the Stupak amendment do not roll over and play dead.

This monkey wrench may explain why the White House is putting out the word that it wants the health care bill to pass the House after the State of the Union, in February.

Erickson goes on to explain why he believes this may be the “kiss of death” to Obamacare. 

This is encouraging news.  No conference means we get to watch the Democrats eat their own while they fight over the public option, taxing “Cadillac” plans, abortion, taxes, etc.  Pass the popcorn!