Democrats Eating Their Own Over Health Care

Howard Dean’s uber lefty group, Democracy for America, has launched an attack ad against fellow Democrat  Ben Nelson.

Ben Nelson responded with a blistering letter:

“Recently, similar ads have run in Nebraska. Those ads by other special interests prompted hundreds of Nebraskans to call our offices, with 9 to 1 urging Senator Nelson to do exactly the opposite of what the special interest group wanted. deanScreamIn short, the ads backfired.

“If the impact is the same this time, Howard Dean’s Democracy for America will be sorely disappointed. Further, these scare tactics are certain to further divide the public on health care reform, make it less likely Congress will pass real reform and call into question the motives of those who say they want reform, but use the issue to raise money to try to buy influence inside the Beltway.

As someone once said in one of my favorite movies of all time “Oh boy, this is great!”