It’s November…Time To Remember

The day of reckoning has finally arrived.  Nationally, today is our day to send a very clear message to Obama and his Democrat pals in Washington.  Locally, today is our day to send a very clear message to Cadillac Deval and his corrupt, hack Democrat pals on Beacon Hill.

In case you had forgotten (as if) here are a few reasons to get out vote, courtesy of Moe Lane:

Now, some of you (more of you, I suspect, than are willing to admit it) read the paragraph above, read the article that it links to, and then started to feel… pity.  Or empathy, because it happened to you in 2006 and 2008.  Or merely a natural desire to not kick someone when they are down.  And those are laudable impulses to have.  But before you act on those impulses with regard to these professional Democrats, please remember this:

  • These people told their clients to say that you hate African-Americans.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Latinos.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate gays.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate women.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Jews.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Muslims.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate the poor.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate America.

Shall I continue?

  • These people told their clients to say that you were fascists.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were theocrats.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were stupid.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were uneducated.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were hatemongers.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were insane.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were violent extremists.

I can keep this going for quite a while, you know.

  • These people told their clients to call you unpatriotic.
  • These people told their clients to call you cowards.
  • These people told their clients to mock you at every opportunity.
  • These people told their clients to deliberately use a sexual slur when referring to you.
  • These people told their clients to trivialize and dismiss your concerns at every opportunity.

And now these professional Democrats are sad because they’re going to lose.  Well, they deserve to lose.  Because they’re bad people.  And because the entire point of the United States of America is to make sure that bad people lose.  So go vote on Tuesday, and make as many bad people as possible lose.

Locally, how can anyone forget Deval’s Cadillac, his $10,000 drapes, his wife’s social secretary, the doling out of six figure jobs  to his Milton neighbors, the attempt to plant a hack pol pal into a six figure job which had been vacant for twelve years, his broken promise to lower your property taxes, his broken promise to hire 1000 new police officers, his dismantling of the program that allows State Troopers to work with ICE to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, his support of drivers’ licenses for illegals, his support of in-state tuition for illegals, the refusal to let the citizens of Massachusetts vote on marriage, the 25% increase on the sales tax to 6.25% – including already taxed alcohol – and all the while local aid has been cut and your taxes keep going up.

It’s finally November…it’s time to remember.

Deval Patrick’s Wife Has Aide To “Coordinate” Her Appearances On Taxpayer Dime

Groundhog day comes early to Massachusetts.

In a stunning rerun of one of Gov. Deval Patrick’s early embarrassing Beacon Hill stumbles, first lady Diane Patrick once again has a taxpayer-funded aide to coordinate her official appearances, the Herald has learned.

Patrick communications director Kyle Sullivan confirmed that Rose Arruda, who makes $55,000 a year to run Patrick’s ribbon cuttings and speaking engagements across the state, also works on up to 52 events a year for the governor’s wife, who’s a lawyer at the prestigious Hub firm Ropes & Gray.

Republicans immediately seized on the news — which comes almost four years after Patrick’s disastrous decision to hire a $72,000 chief of staff for the first lady in the first few months of his term. The aide resigned in March 2007 after public outrage over her hire.

Sullivan defended the move, saying, “The great majority of her time is spent on staffing Gov. Patrick at official events. Occasionally she will also assist Mrs. Patrick when she is attending an event in her capacity as first lady.”

Arruda, who identifies herself as a “staff person for First Lady Diane Patrick” on her Linked In profile, also assists Diane Patrick on the campaign trail, but only on her own personal time, Sullivan said.

Pu-leeze.  Since when does a hack on Beacon Hill do anything on their own personal time?  

Remember in November.

Boston Globe To Tierney: What Did You Know And When Did You Know It?

You know you’re in deep you-know-what when, as a Democrat, The Boston Globe demands that you come clean – and fast.

According to Representative Tierney, Patrice didn’t know the money was shady, and thought she was telling the truth when she filed Robert’s income tax forms claiming the money was from “commissions.’’ But that’s not what she asserted in court: A guilty plea is an admission to having knowingly committed a crime. John Tierney’s statement said that Patrice agreed only that she should have been more inquisitive about the true nature of her brother’s income. It was, in fact, a stunning lack of curiosity, since he previously had been charged with illegal gambling in the United States.

No one can account for absolutely everything a spouse does. But in most marriages, subjects like the management of a $7 million bank account tend to come up. John Tierney needs to explain precisely when he learned of this account, and whether he ever questioned its legality. The Tierneys made no reference to whether they themselves ever used or benefited from the money, though the congressman’s spokesman insisted that they did not. They should make it perfectly clear that they did not, and answer any and all questions on the matter.

With that information, voters should be able to make up their own minds about their congressman, who is on the ballot for an eighth term this November.

In handling issues like this, politicians usually follow a predictable script: There’s an expression of loyalty to one’s spouse, often followed at some point by an appeal to inquisitors to “lay off my family.’’ Inevitably, political allies pop up, chorus-like, to offer their support in such difficult times — as though someone got sick or died, rather than committed a serious felony.

Let’s hope the Tierneys and their supporters skip this drama and get quickly to the point: What did John Tierney know, and when did he know it?

Feel free to call his office and ask a helpful staffer.

Peabody: 978-531-1669

Lynn: 781-595-7375

Washington, DC: 202-225-8020

MA Hack Alert! Bra-Stuffing Bribe Recipient To Plead Guilty

Dianne Wilkerson, (D-Hackkville) is going to plead guilty in federal court today. 

The plea agreement Wilkerson struck with federal prosecutors was not made public, according to court documents filed yesterday.

The Roxbury Democrat was scheduled to go to trial June 21 on charges of extortion, theft of honor services and mail and wire fraud stemming from her allegedly pocketing $23,500 in payola between 2002 and 2008 in exchange for her paving the way for a nightclub liquor license and land development.

Wilkerson was secretly photographed – and immortalized – jamming $1,000 into her bra by an undercover operative at an upscale Beacon Hill brasserie. Neither she nor her attorney Max Stern returned calls for comment.

This was not Wilkerson’s first brush with the law.

Wilkerson, who voters chose not to return to a seventh term in office one month before her October 2008 arrest, is an attorney, but has been suspended from practicing law for more than a decade because of her 1997 conviction for willful failure to file federal income tax returns, and for subsequently violating the terms of her probation by breaking a 9 p.m. curfew.

My hunch is she will avoid jail time by taking the guilty plea.  Judging from her track record, she will violate probation and wind up in the can or under house arrest.

Another day, another corrupt Democrat facing a judge in criminal court.

MA Hack Alert! Dem Tax Cheats Vote Down Bill To Limit Benefits To Legal Citizens

Two days ago, the Democrat hacks on Beacon Hill rejected a bill which would have required the state to confirm the citizenship of anyone receiving any form of welfare benefits.  The vote was suprisingly close.  Who were some of the hacks who voted to allow the fraud to continue?  Tax cheats, naturally.  And a lot of them.

Howie Carr has the goods:

The House vote to crack down on illegals on welfare was much closer than before – 82-75. A lot of Democrats can hear the footsteps – taxpayers’ footsteps.

But the illegals and their hack enablers won, and as I study the transcript on the debate, I see the only words you need to understand the debate: “Rep. Cabral yielded (to) Rep. Swan.”

Those were the two guys double-teaming the taxpayers on behalf of illegals. What a coincidence that Rep. Cabral, who was born in the Azores, once had a lien placed on his house for nonpayment of income taxes. He decided to hand off to Rep. Ben Swan of Springfield, who has likewise forgotten to pay both his income taxes and his real-estate property taxes.

The Republicans were mentioning Obama’s illegal-alien Auntie Zeituni, and how she’s in public housing in Southie. Deadbeat Cabral felt compelled to defend her.

The solon sniffed. “When you apply for asylum, you qualify for public benefits until that decision is made.”

Asylum – that’s what you apply for if you’re an illegal alien looking to go on welfare but you’re too old to drop an anchor baby.

Here are some other Democrats who voted the pro-illegal line. Rep. Marie St. Fleur, notorious tax deadbeat from Boston who is angling for a six-figure City Hall job from Mumbles Menino. Rep. Byron Rushing of the South End, who failed to file income taxes in 2002, and in the years between 1990 and 1995. Rep. David Linsky of Natick, a non-filer in 2002 and 2003. Rep. Anne Gobi of Spencer, didn’t file in 2002 and 2003 . . .

Just another day in the hackorama.

Teachers Union Costs Massachusetts $250 Million In Education Grants

The teachers union in Massachusetts has once again put its self-serving needs before the children they are supposed to be educating.

The Obama administration bypassed Massachusetts yesterday in awarding the first grants for school innovation, a loss of $250 million for a state widely viewed as a national leader in education excellence.

Delaware and Tennessee won first and second, respectively, in the Race to the Top competition. Massachusetts ranked 13th out of 16 finalists, putting it below Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana but ahead of Colorado, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts may have lost points for requiring union consent on enacting some plans to overhaul underperforming schools and for not changing state law to allow for unfettered growth of charter schools, according to the scores and written comments released yesterday by a five-member review panel.

Doing it all for the children.

MA Hacks Defend Indefensible Hack Holidays

Some background for those of you who do not have the pleasure of living in Massachusetts (AKA The Commonwealth of Hackachusetts):

Evacuation Day (which conveniently also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day) is a Suffolk County holiday.  Bunker Hill Day is also a Suffolk County holiday.  You know what that means – no work for the Hackorama.  But it is not just the hacks who work in Suffolk County who get a paid day off.  To be “fair” to the rest of the hacks on the state payroll, they are given a floating day off to use at a later date. These ridiculous excuses for a paid day off have come under fire in recent years and now the usual suspects are fighting to keep the perk alive.

Lawmakers fighting to uphold the paid days off for Evacuation Day (March 17) and Bunker Hill Day (June 17) – holidays rarely enjoyed outside of the State House and City Hall – said they were showing “respect” for history.

“I think it’s important to carry on the traditions that ultimately created this great country that we live in,” said state Sen. John Hart (D-South Boston), at a State House hearing.

Hart urged state Sen. Michael Knapik, the Westfield Republican pushing to rein in the holiday atmosphere, to give those venerable days “the respect that history deserves.”

But Knapik said the state can’t afford to allow 35,000 state workers to have those paid days off.

“These two holidays are irrefutably indefensible,” Knapik said. “When we’re in a state that’s approaching 10 percent unemployment, I dont know how we justify the days.”


Hart also accused Knapik of “engaging in histrionics.”

“You’ve created this hysteria that in fact they are hack holidays . . . when in fact that’s not true,” Hart said.

Proponents counter that Evacuation Day marks a major victory by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War at Dorchester Heights, while Bunker Hill Day marks the pivotal Battle of Bunker Hill.

“I live on G Street at Dorchester Heights,” Hart bellowed. “We live that history day in and day out.”

Hart, one of the most vocal defenders of the holiday’s imporance, skipped Bunker Hill day ceremonies last year in favor of running personal errands, the Herald reported.

Here is how important these high holy days were to the hacks last year:

Hint:  That ain’t Bunker Hill.

Thank you sir, may I have another? Cadillac Deval Imposes $5 Fee For Being Abused At The Registry Of Motor Vehicles

As if a visit to the Registry of Motor Vehicles isn’t painful enough – now we get to pay a fee for being treated like crap by RMV hacks.

Gov. Deval Patrick is quietly whacking beleaguered Bay State motorists with a $5 fee to use Registry of Motor Vehicle branches to renew their licenses and registrations, outraging critics who say the “back-door tax” hits poor and elderly drivers the hardest.

The fee, which goes into effect today, comes on the heels of a $10 license renewal increase last year.

“In this economic climate we shouldn’t be nickel-and-diming people for mandated services,” said state Sen. Steve Baddour (D-Methuen), who co-chairs the Legislative Transportation Committee, and is planning to look into repealing the fee.


“This is a back-door tax that hits the poor and elderly the hardest,” said Tarah Donoghue, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Republican Party. “They can’t afford or don’t have Internet access and computers. The Patrick-Murray administration is burdening those people who can afford it the least.”

Our tax dollars already pay the bloated salaries of surly RMV employees.  The fee for license renewal was increased by $10 last year.  And now we get charged an additional fee for having the nerve to walk into a Registry branch that we pay for to conduct RMV business.  Outrageous, yet oh-so typical for Deval et al.

Of course. Jailed Hack (D) and Tax Cheat Hack (D) Sponsor In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants Bill

It’s baaaack.  The hacks on Beacon Hill are once again trying to enact legislation which would provide in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  The sponsor of the Senate version is none other than ex-State Senator, Anthony Gallucio of the famous Colgate Defense.  Gallucio is currently a guest of the Commonwealth – residing at the Billerica House of Corrections.  The sponsor of the House version is deadbeat tax cheat, Marie St. Fleur.

Howie Carr was on the case in his column yesterday:

Like a bad penny, the in-state-tuition-for-illegal-aliens bill is back, and who do you suppose is, or was, its lead sponsor in the Senate?

Sen. Anthony D. (for Drunkard) Galluccio. That’s right, the now ex-senator, formerly of Cambridge, now of Billerica, as in the Billerica House of Correction.

Do you suppose Jail-uccio ingested a bad ice cube, or at least some high-octane toothpaste, before he scrawled this legislation giving foreign freeloaders yet another handout?

Sadly, he was unable to testify in favor of his own bill because he’d already made his one phone call of the day.

Then there’s the companion bill in the House, H. 1175. Its lead sponsor is Rep. Marie St. Fleur (D-Dorchester). Remember her? She wanted to run statewide in 2006 until it was discovered that she had $40,000 in unpaid student loans, a $12,700 lien on her home for unpaid federal taxes, had failed to pay excise taxes in the city . . . shall I go on?

By its sponsors, ye shall know a bill.

More benefits for illegals.  Just what Massachusetts voters want to see in the middle of a recession with unemployment here at 9.1%.  Keep it up hacks.  November isn’t that far away.


Busy morning here so please enjoy this new Scott Brow ad called “Momentum.”  It takes place in South Boston – traditonally a Democrat stronghold. 


It would be oh-so sweet if Brown carries Southie.  It is the home of countless MA Hacks (D), the most famous being Billy Bulger (AKA The Corrupt Midget) whose serial killer mobster brother, Whitey, is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.