Where Have All The Moonbats Gone?

Howie Carr asks the same question we have all been asking since the Vacationer In Chief strarted a third war with an oil-rich Muslim country while playing soccer in Rio. 

When George Bush was president, every People’s Republic in New England had a hard-core group of wrinkly haters who would gather weekly on the town common, or in front of the courthouse, holding “No Blood for Oil” signs.

Where have all the moonbats gone? Who knew there was a Witness Protection Program for the MIA Birkenstock crowd? I’ve even got a new chant for them: “Hey hey, ho ho, Barack the war criminal’s got to go!”

Will Cindy Sheehan take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard this summer to protest Barack on one of his many vacations, which the lickspittles in the media now invariably refer to as “working vacations”?

Will Comrade Chris Matthews call Obama what he always used to call Bush and Cheney? You know, “chickenhawk.”Remember Abu Ghraib? The New York Times [NYT] went crazy over “war crimes.”

Now there are thousands of photos of a handful of U.S. troops in Afghanistan posing with “trophy” bodies of civilians. But all the Times has to say is, nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


Barney Frank Remains Bitter And Obnoxious In Victory Speech

How one handles defeat says a lot about a person.  How one handles victory says even more.  Barney Frank was his usual small, mean and bitter self in his victory speech last night.

A cranky U.S. Rep. Barney Frank blasted the Herald last night as “irrelevant,” even as surging Republicans grabbed control of the U.S. House and swept him from his lofty perch as chairman of the powerful financial services committee.

“With the re-election of the Massachusetts delegation and Gov. Deval Patrick, we can reaffirm the complete political irrelevance of the Boston Herald,” Frank told more than 100 supporters at the Crowne Plaza in Newton. “There is no limit to the bias and vitriol they unleashed.”

They say you get the government you vote for.  The people in Barney Frank’s district have made it clear that they want this porcine, obnoxious, pompous ass to represent them in Washington.

Update: Howie Carr reminds Barney that irrelevance awaits him on Capitol Hill.

You want to talk irrelevant? How about an over-the-hill back-bencher whose district is just crying out to be eliminated in the upcoming redistricting?

When The Phone Don’t Ring, I Know It’s Barry

Howie Carr has welcomed Obama to the Bay State with a letter.  Grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to have a good laugh.

Dear Barack:

Welcome to Massachusetts, or as you call it, Massa-TU-setts. Many of us think it’s one of the most beautiful of our 50 states – excuse me, 57 states.

First things first, Mr. President. Vacations are a time for family, and yours includes Auntie Zeituni. Do you know how neglected she feels up there in Southie in that sweltering Section 8 apartment?

She says, when the phone don’t ring, I know it’s Barry.

Here’s a suggestion: Call Sen. Kerry. You may have heard – his second wife’s first husband’s trust fund just bought the senator a new boat. Liveshot could sail The Botched Joke to Boston, pick up Auntie Zeituni at the Dorchester Yacht Club and bring her back to the islands. Maybe he and Mama T would even invite you over to Nantucket for dinner. From Brant Point, he could point out to you where Deval’s wind turbines will be going up to destroy the view.

For the sake of maintaining good will with the natives, Mr. President, I’d try to minimize the number of visits to the villages. Despite what your parrots on CNBC keep saying, the economy sucks, even in Beautiful People-land, and the local merchants don’t need those hourlong shutdowns of their assorted main drags here at the end of the tourist season.

Keep reading.

John Kerry Steps In It Once Again

My very own botched joke of a senator has an explanation for his party’s and Obama’s tanking poll numbers.  According to John F-ing Kerry, we are just too darned stupid to see how good we have it.

Howie Carr tells the story like only Howie can.

Let them eat ketchup. 

That in essence is what Liveshot Kerry recommends as his prescription for the little people suffering in the so-called economic “recovery.” That ketchup line, from an anonymous Internet poster yesterday, perfectly captures Kerry’s breathtaking smugness. As he intimated this week in D.C., the hoi polloi just don’t understand his greatness, nor that of his fellow national Democrats, from Barack Obama on down.

These all-time lows for Barack and the Congressional Democrats in various national polls – John Kerry knows what’s happening

“I think there’s a comprehension gap,” he explained to a breakfast of Beltway bumkissers.

Comprehension gap. In other words, you’re not smart enough to understand how wonderful he and the rest of his Democrat pals are.

Keep reading for a good laugh on a Friday morning.

MA Hack Alert! Dem Tax Cheats Vote Down Bill To Limit Benefits To Legal Citizens

Two days ago, the Democrat hacks on Beacon Hill rejected a bill which would have required the state to confirm the citizenship of anyone receiving any form of welfare benefits.  The vote was suprisingly close.  Who were some of the hacks who voted to allow the fraud to continue?  Tax cheats, naturally.  And a lot of them.

Howie Carr has the goods:

The House vote to crack down on illegals on welfare was much closer than before – 82-75. A lot of Democrats can hear the footsteps – taxpayers’ footsteps.

But the illegals and their hack enablers won, and as I study the transcript on the debate, I see the only words you need to understand the debate: “Rep. Cabral yielded (to) Rep. Swan.”

Those were the two guys double-teaming the taxpayers on behalf of illegals. What a coincidence that Rep. Cabral, who was born in the Azores, once had a lien placed on his house for nonpayment of income taxes. He decided to hand off to Rep. Ben Swan of Springfield, who has likewise forgotten to pay both his income taxes and his real-estate property taxes.

The Republicans were mentioning Obama’s illegal-alien Auntie Zeituni, and how she’s in public housing in Southie. Deadbeat Cabral felt compelled to defend her.

The solon sniffed. “When you apply for asylum, you qualify for public benefits until that decision is made.”

Asylum – that’s what you apply for if you’re an illegal alien looking to go on welfare but you’re too old to drop an anchor baby.

Here are some other Democrats who voted the pro-illegal line. Rep. Marie St. Fleur, notorious tax deadbeat from Boston who is angling for a six-figure City Hall job from Mumbles Menino. Rep. Byron Rushing of the South End, who failed to file income taxes in 2002, and in the years between 1990 and 1995. Rep. David Linsky of Natick, a non-filer in 2002 and 2003. Rep. Anne Gobi of Spencer, didn’t file in 2002 and 2003 . . .

Just another day in the hackorama.

More insincere words have never been spoken

Howie Carr writes about the absurdity of Barry’s Nobel in today’s column.


Now pitching for the Red Sox: Barack Hussein Nobel Obama, the southpaw who wants to get both of his paws on your wallet.

So what if he’s 48 and has never played the game? He’ll get the “W” – that’s the lesson of this Nobel Peace Prize nonsense. He can throw the ball in the dirt in front of home plate – strike one! He can toss it over the catcher’s head – strike two! He can roll it to the plate like he’s back in that Pennsylvania bowling alley – Yer out!


Who are these rac- I mean, who are these nattering nabobs of negativism who say Barack Obama has done nothing to earn this latest handout? Of course he’s advanced the cause of world peace. Have you forgotten the Beer Summit?

Even as we speak, the Obama administration is trying to return Manuel Zelaya to power in Honduras – you know, the dear pal of Hugo Chavez who is holed up in the Brazilian embassy down there, claiming he is being poisoned with death rays by “Israeli mercenaries.” Barack really knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t he?


Wasn’t it nice of Barack to halfheartedly put on his self-deprecating hat Friday at the White House, saying, “I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures.”

More insincere words have never been spoken. What was it Winston Churchill who said of his rival Clement Atlee: “Mr. Atlee is a very modest man. But then he has much to be modest about.”

Don’t you ever dare say anything like that about Barack or they’ll call you a – well, you know they’ll call you, at least on MSNBC, where Comrade Chris and Comrade Keith both got tingles up their legs on Friday.

Barack is a guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. When are we going to see his SAT and LSAT scores? Must have been very good, considering he was admitted to Columbia and Harvard Law, right? Got to be editor of the Harvard Law Review without writing a single article – how do these things happen?

Read it all for a good chuckle.

Felon Finneran asks SJC to ignore “ignorant criticisms” and just give him his law license back already

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MA politics, here is the Reader’s Digest Version.  Former Speaker of the House, Tom Finneran, pleaded guilty in 2007 to obstruction of justice in U.S. District Court.  Since then, he has lost claims to a $30,000 annual pension and his law license has been suspended indefinitely.   Finneran is asking the MA Supreme Judicial Court to suspend his license for a finite time period which I assume would take precedent over the BBO decision which is expected to be a permanent disbarment.

Here, we have a case where the evidence indicates that (Finneran) – a lawyer with an otherwise impeccable record for honesty and service to the commonwealth – had a moment of personal weakness,” attorney Arnold Rosenfeld contends in a document whose opening statement is a single, 172-word sentence.

And while he’s not mentioned by name, Finneran, who hosts a morning talk show on WRKO-AM (680), appears to implore the SJC to ignore the “ignorant criticisms” of

Herald columnist and fellow ’RKO talkmeister Howie Carr when factoring in the public’s anticipated reaction to whether the disgraced pol gets the boot or the kid-gloves treatment.

After Finneran pled guilty he was hired by talk radio station, WRKO for the morning drive. Popular Boston Herald columnist, Howie Carr, is the afternoon host of the #1 talk show in Boston, also on WRKO.  Howie has never met a hack he wouldn’t love to ridicule and has been relentless in his criticism of Finneran and his own radio station for hiring the convicted felon.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the drive home from work this afternoon.

For the record:  Finneran is the second of three Speakers IN A ROW to be accused of crimes and forced to resign.

Update 7/1:  Howie Carr responds in today’s column.

Hack Alert! How some MA pols celebrated Bunker Hill Day


Who is that fashion icon you ask?  It is none other than Rep. Brian Wallace who has fought to keep Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day paid holidays for state workers.  How did he spend this important, historic holiday?  Running errands, eating hot dogs, buying phallic balloon creations and lounging about the Public Garden with his wife and two kids.  And with the arrogance that only a hack of his magnitude could muster he used his reserved parking spot at the State House during his day of observance.

He’s not the only hack hypocrite. Jack Hart and Bill Linehan were both no-shows at the Bunker Hill ceremony.

Howie Carr is well worth the read on this today.