Finally. Rat Fink Cahill Pulls Lottery Ad As Marsha Coakley “Investigates” Collusion

Better late than never.  Tim Cahill finally pulled his taxpayer-funded state lottery ads last night after Marsha Coakley hauled Lottery officials into her office and then called on him to do so.  It must have killed her.  After all, a vote for the rat fink equals a vote for her pal, Deval.

Treasurer Tim Cahill agreed last night to stop running taxpayer-funded Lottery ads, hours after Attorney General Martha Coakley called on the embattled candidate to do so, after the release of explosive e-mails and texts that appear to show Cahill’s campaign staff working with the state agency to boost his sagging gubernatorial bid.

Late yesterday, Coakley told Cahill’s office she wanted the ads to come down until after the election.

“(To) avoid even the appearance of impropriety, we have informed the Lottery that we believe they should take the advertising down or postpone the ads until after the election,’’ press secretary Melissa Karpinsky said.

A source told the Herald the attorney general yesterday pulled in two top Lottery officials, the director of marketing and the legal counsel, and urged them to pull down the ads.


Earlier in the day, GOP attorney general candidate Jim McKenna had urged Coakley, a Democrat, to go to court to halt the Lottery ads, noting the apparent coordination between Cahill’s campaign and Lottery staff.

The messages came out Wednesday in a high-stakes lawsuit that Cahill filed against former campaign aides he accuses of sabotaging his long-shot bid.

Cahill consultant Dane Strother sent a text to campaign manager Adam Meldrum on July 27 telling him: “Yes on lottery ads and he has plenty of money.”

An e-mail from Strother to Meldrum later that day outlines agenda items topped by “Get the Lottery immediately cutting a spot and get it up … Needs to focus on the lottery being the best in the country and above reproach.”

The same e-mail also asks how much is in the treasurer’s abandoned property publicity account.

Don’t get too excited about Marsha’s alleged investigation unless the feds take over.  We all know how her last email-gate investigation ended.

Racist FBI & ICE Agents Arrest Illegal Immigrants In Connection With Times Square Bomb Plot

Deval Patrick looks like a bigger dunce than usual today.  It was just two days ago that he accused supporters of the Arizona immigration law as “trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’’  Today, three (Amish?) men were taken into custody on immigration violations in connection with the failed Times Square bombing – in his own backyard.

Three men were taken into custody on immigration violations today after raids in Watertown, Brookline and other parts of the Northeast in connection with the attempted May 1 Times Square bombing, according to the FBI and state officials. 

One suspect arrested in the Bay State today had previously been ordered out of the country, a federal source tells the Herald. 

FBI Boston Special Agent Gail Marcinkiewicz confirmed today’s sweep is linked to the failed bombing in bustling Times Square.

Someone may want alert Marsha Coakley as just the other day she told a local radio host that “Technically, it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”  ICE and the FBI must have missed that memo.

Arlen Specter Is The Male Equivalent Of Martha Coakley

Snarlin’ Arlen is giving Martha (Marsha) Coakley a run for her money in the worst candidate evah contest.


The first time Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) slipped up here Tuesday night at the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, most in the audience pretended not to notice.

But at the end of his remarks when Specter again thanked the “the Allegheny County Republicans” for their endorsement, many couldn’t help but laugh nervously and shoot did-he-really-just-say-that looks at each other.

As amusing as it seemed to some of the Democrats in attendance, mistakes like that could end up costing him his job next Tuesday. It’s not that Specter is so precariously placed that he can’t weather the occasional gaffe, it’s that every little reminder of the 80-year-old’s Republican past chips away at his porcelain base in his new party.

“I think it’s not unusual for anybody to misspeak from time to time,” Specter shrugged to reporters after the dinner. “I’m not a television commentator. I’m not as smooth as you guys.”

No word on whether he called Terry Bradshaw a Patriots fan.

UPDATE: Specter is not having a good 48 hours.  He just snipped at Andrea Mitchell for asking why Obama is not coming to Pennsylvania to “help” his campaign.

Via Matt Lewis’ Twitter feed:

“How can you even ask that question seriously, Andrea?” – Specter pushing back at Andrea Mitchell’s q’s about why Obama isn’t coming to PA.

Um, maybe because doesn’t want to be 0-4 when it comes to campaigning for losers?

Confirmed: John Tierney Is A Coward

My Congressman, John Tierney – D, 6th District, is once again hiding from his constituents and hosting a telephone town hall next week to defend his yes vote on ObamaCare.

PEABODY — Congressman John Tierney is hosting two telephone town hall meetings Tuesday to talk about the recently enacted reform of the nation’s health care system.

He will also provide constituents with a general legislative update during conference calls that are scheduled to begin at 4 and 5:15 p.m. 

Those interested can register at Registration will close at 10 a.m. Monday.

The last time the Salem Democrat discussed health care over the phone, more than 32,000 people participated in two calls at the end of last summer.

I saw Tierney leaving a Marsha Coakley “rally” in Gloucester back in January.  The horrified look on his face when confronted with a swarm of Brown supporters may explain why he doesn’t want to do a town hall in person.  Or perhaps he was simply taken aback when I announced him to the crowd as my future EX Congressman.  Whatever the reason, I still suggest you register to have a chit chat with John Boy next week.

The Boston Globe Whines About Scott Brown’s Committee Assignments

Their beef?  Brown was appointed to committees that are tasked with defending our country from people who want to kill us and supporting the veterans who have sacrificed life and limb keeping us safe – as opposed to committees that give away free stuff.

This is good news, of course, for the state’s many defense contractors, and there’s no questioning the importance of these assignments. Brown, a former army JAG lawyer, will have a chance to build on his knowledge of defense-related issues and, over time, play a substantial role in foreign policy.

The problem is that his fellow Massachusetts senator, John Kerry, is already exerting maximum clout on foreign policy as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, meaning that the state’s Senate delegation is tilting too far overseas. Kerry’s specialty in foreign policy worked well when he was partnered with Edward Kennedy, who was the leading domestic-policy legislator of his time. From his perch on what is now called the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Kennedy influenced much of social policy for the last half-century. He also tended assiduously to Massachusetts’ giant health-care industry, directing billions of federal dollars a year to local hospitals and laboratories.

Yeah, that John Kerry is a powerhouse of accomplishments in the foreign policy arena.  I wonder if they include faux covert missions to Cambodia in their list? 

The Globe can’t stand the fact that Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley and that Massachusetts is at long last being represented by someone who understands the very real threats our country faces and the need for a strong national security policy. 

To borrow a phrase from their Messiah, Barack Obama.  Sorry, but we won.

I’ll Have The Martha Chokely Sandwich, Please.

Very busy here getting caught up from the lost days leading up to and following the election.

In the meantime, enjoy this Boston Globe article detailing the moonbat mourning from Amherst to Cambridge.

They filed in and out of coffeehouses, all but crying in their cappuccinos, barely touching their carrot cake muffins, still in shock that Scott Brown – a Republican! – had been elected to the US Senate in the state that pioneered universal health care, legalized same-sex marriage, and normally sends 12 Democrats to Congress.

In the days since the unthinkable happened, diehard Democrats have been forced to confront results that suggest Massachusetts votes much the way rest of the country does – blue on the edges with a big red swath in the middle. They have grappled with the possibility that the Commonwealth, until this week viewed by the much of the country as an outpost of extreme liberalism, may not be all that. And that has left them blue – in the other meaning of the word – over Martha Coakley’s defeat.

The horror.  A Republican.  Welcome to my world.  How’s the view from the other side?

In Amherst, Seamon, owner of The Black Sheep, was planning to put a new item on the menu to express his disappointment in the Democratic candidate: The Martha Chokely sandwich.

I’ll have one of those to go, please.

This Time You May Want To Shake A Hand Or Two

Just when we thought we were going to have a reprieve from the worst campaigner evah, she’s going to delight us with a reelection bid.  She must have the same advisers from her failed Senate bid urging her to run.

Attorney General Martha Coakley, on the losing end of state Sen. Scott Brown’s upset win during Tuesday’s U.S. Senate special election, will ask voters in November to allow her to keep her job.

A Coakley aide confirmed Wednesday afternoon that Coakley would seek reelection to a job that many high-ranking elected Democrats had eyed in recent months, expecting Coakley to win the Senate seat.

Coakley’s critics say she ran an underwhelming Senate campaign while her defenders say Brown benefited from a political climate that shifted in his favor.

Her opponents have a treasure trove of material on her before they get one signature to get on the ballot.

The added bonus?  I get to vote against her twice in less than a year.



State Sen. Scott Brown has pulled a Massachusetts miracle and has upset his Democratic rival to capture the open U.S. Senate seat by a 7 point margin.

Brown, 50, of Wrentham, will roll into Washington as the nation struggles with health-care reform. But Brown has vowed to be “the 41st Senator” that will defeat the measure.

Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, has gone down in defeat. Brown has won 53-46 percent, with more than half the precincts reporting.

We did it!  The people of Massachusetts sent a message to the corrupt hacks on Beacon Hill who have ruled with impunity and disdain for the citizens of the Commonwealth, to the elite, drunk with power, Democrats who look down on the people of this great country, ignore our will and wish to remake America into a socialist nanny state.  The message was clear: NOT ON OUR WATCH! 

Lets savor this victory tonight and tomorrow we continue the good fight.  That means you, Deval.

Today Is The Day

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Although the polls show Scott Brown with a lead, we must take nothing for granted and fight until the very end.  That means YOU Massachusetts voters.  Get out and vote –  find out if your relatives or neighbors need a ride to the polls and get them there.  Hell, if you need a ride to the polls and you live within an hour of me I’ll drive you myself.  Send me an email at

The number for the Brown campaign HQ is 781-444-0200 – they will make sure anyone and everyone who wants to vote has a ride to the polls.

The voter assistance hotline number is 877-505-2010

This is our chance to let our voices be heard and to send a message to the hacks on Beacon Hill and the machine in Washington D.C. that there is a new day dawning in America and we will no longer sit back while our government ignores our will with impunity.

As Scott Brown so eloquently put it during the debate, this is The People’s Seat.  We, the people deserve a voice.  Let your voice be heard today!

Coakley Turns MLK Breakfast Into Campaign Event

With Scott Brown sitting in the audience, no less

“I certainly didn’t realize that this was a rally for Martha,” said Brown. “I think it’s inappropriate to ask for people’s votes when they’re trying to remember Martin Luther King Jr.”

Coakley was invited by event organizers to speak at the Hynes Convention Center breakfast. Brown sat in the crowd with supporters. He said he was not invited to speak.

“We are in the middle of a very close election. I know that people are frustrated. They’re angry. They may be focusing that in many different ways,” Coakley said during her remarks.

“Do not forget they were problems that were not created by, but inherited by our president Barack Obama,” Coakley said.

Coakley has hit bottom and continues to dig.