‘Luis, when’s he going to keep his promise?’

This is the question a Democratic congressman from Obama’s home state says he is asked  “wherever he goes.”  What was the promise?  Immigration reform…otherwise known as amnesty. 

Luis Gutierrez was in East Boston yesterday to push support for the DREAM act….otherwise known as amnesty. 

“We kind of made a covenant. There was a compact. You came to us and you said, ‘Elect me president of the United States and I will be your champion for immigration reform,’ ’’ said Representative Luis V. Gutierrez of Illinois. “Wherever I go, people say to me, ‘Luis, when’s he going to keep his promise?’ ’’

Gutierrez spoke on one stop of a 20-city tour he is calling the Campaign for American Children and Families, to condemn an increase in deportation orders and to draw attention to the tenuous lives of the children of immigrants who fear their families will be torn apart.

The usual sob stories were told to the usual suspects including Representative Mike Capuano of Summerville….otherwise known as a sanctuary city.

“They violated my rights as a US citizen. They violated my family’s rights as human beings,’’ she told the audience of about 250 people. Though she and her younger brother are citizens, she said, her parents have only temporary protection orders and her older brother is undocumented.


“I’m actually tired of this issue,’’ Capuano told the crowd, saying the country has a long history of viewing new waves of immigrants as suspect or undeserving of rights. “And I’m tired of it because it’s a new issue again, because it’s a long, long history in this country of always looking at the new wave of immigrants as somehow people who are bad, somehow people who don’t deserve rights. You’d think that we would have learned something from our history. And we haven’t.’’

Gutierrez warned that Obama could lose the Latino vote if he doesn’t bow to their wishes.   This guy clearly hasn’t gotten the memo that Obama’s promises come with expiration dates.

Boston Globe Snubs Coakley And Capuano, Endorses Khazei For Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat

Bad news for the Hackorama.  It seems as though even the editorial staff at the Boston Globe recognizes a hack when they see one.  Or two, in this case. 

With high hopes, the Globe endorses Alan Khazei, the prime mover behind national-service policies, as Massachusetts’ best chance to produce another great senator.

Khazei promises to apply the same principles to other issues, believing that building a grass-roots network for change while demonstrating both commitment and a willingness to compromise in pursuit of common ground can break down political barriers. This isn’t just hopeful rhetoric. Khazei speaks admiringly of streetwise education reformers who, having seen challenging conditions in urban classrooms, dreamed up such innovations as charter schools and Teach for America. Along the way, these activists had to elbow their way around established interest groups that tried to squeeze them out of the policy debate. With the support of an energetic and idealistic senator, public policy can flourish.

The 48-year-old Khazei offers a strong vision for success in the Senate, channeling the energy of activist groups and private-sector policy incubators while dedicating himself to the laborious task of building legislative coalitions.

He offers a time-tested and relevant example of this approach: his two decades of work bringing together politicians of both parties and citizen-activists to develop a national service plan. The recent service bill named for Kennedy and providing for 250,000 volunteers in a domestic Peace Corps is largely the fruit of his labors.

Khazei will not be getting my vote, but this really is delicious.