Barry’s Bay State Visit A Bust

Barry breezed into town yesterday to talk climate change at MIT and attend a fundraiser for his pal, Cadillac Deval Patrick.

It was a helluva lot different than the last time The One came to Boston during the presidential campaign.  Last year he was greeted by thousands of cheering fans.  Yesterday, he was greeted by protesters – including some from his own party.obama protest boston

Then, during his climate change speech at MIT, the TOTUS failed the POTUS .

Later, he attended a fundraiser for Governor Deval Patrick and spoke to less than capacity crowds.

“There really should be no doubt that this guy gets a second term. But let’s be honest. This is going to be a tough race,” Obama told a room barely half-full with 125 deep-pocketed Democrats who ponied up $6,000 for Patrick and the party. “Re-election is not a foregone conclusion because times are tough.”

Reflecting those hard times, the swanky Westin Copley Place ballroom – where the subsequent $500-a-head fund-raiser was held – was “about two-thirds full,” with about 400 people attending, according to press pool reports.

Bloom off the rose.

Protests Planned For Obama’s Boston Visit….By Moonbats!

Barry will be in town today and will attend a fund raiser for his pal, Deval Patrick whose reelection chances are in big trouble.  But not everyone is happy.

President Obama blows into the bluest state tomorrow facing a cold shoulder from once true-blue admirers, as gay rights activists, anti-war protesters and vexed environmentalists vow to picket a fund-raiser he’s headlining for Gov. Deval Patrick – a marquee event that hasn’t even sold out.

As of last night, liberals who once braved frigid temperatures to behold Obama were shunning tickets to the fund-raiser at the posh Westin Copley Place featuring the president, sources told the Herald. And despite campaign denials, Patrick operatives reportedly were pushing the ducats – between $500 and $6,000 – by e-mail up to the last minute.

Who will be dogging Mr. Hope & Change?

Anti-war activists CODEPINK, who are irate with the president for backpedaling on promises to withdraw from Iraq and weighing a surge of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.   OBAMAPATRICK

“It’s disturbing and very upsetting,” said Sarah Roche-Mahdi, the group’s Greater Boston coordinator.

Donning bright-pink wigs and hats, these anti-war women said they’ll shadow Obama from MIT, where he’s slated to give a speech on the environment, to the swank Westin Copley fund-raiser.

Environmental coalition – which has soured on Obama’s efforts to curb global warming – plans to protest the MIT address. They’re also taking out a full-page ad in the MIT student paper questioning Obama’s commitment to the green cause.

Gays and lesbians are furious with Obama for forsaking campaign vows to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

About 150 members of gay marriage advocate Join the Impact-MA plan to converge on the Hub hotel to give the commander in chief an earful.

“I voted for him because of his speeches and rhetoric and his promises,” said Paul Sousa, the group’s co-founder. “I thought he’d act on those promises.”

I think that pretty much sums up the average Obama voter’s motivation.