Racist FBI & ICE Agents Arrest Illegal Immigrants In Connection With Times Square Bomb Plot

Deval Patrick looks like a bigger dunce than usual today.  It was just two days ago that he accused supporters of the Arizona immigration law as “trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’’  Today, three (Amish?) men were taken into custody on immigration violations in connection with the failed Times Square bombing – in his own backyard.

Three men were taken into custody on immigration violations today after raids in Watertown, Brookline and other parts of the Northeast in connection with the attempted May 1 Times Square bombing, according to the FBI and state officials. 

One suspect arrested in the Bay State today had previously been ordered out of the country, a federal source tells the Herald. 

FBI Boston Special Agent Gail Marcinkiewicz confirmed today’s sweep is linked to the failed bombing in bustling Times Square.

Someone may want alert Marsha Coakley as just the other day she told a local radio host that “Technically, it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”  ICE and the FBI must have missed that memo.

Breaking: NYC Bound Bus Evacuated In NH After Suspicious Device Reported

This is unfolding in downtown Portsmouth, NH – an area near and dear to my heart.

All passengers but one have left a bus at the center of a bomb scare in Portsmouth, and the police are speaking with the remaining one.

Police said the incident involved a Greyhound bus that was en route from Portland, Maine, to Boston and then on to New York. A passenger alerted the bus driver that a suspicious device may be on the bus, and the bus driver was able to pull over and get off to call for help. Portsmouth, and the police are speaking with the remaining one.

Police said the incident involved a Greyhound bus that was en route from Portland, Maine, to Boston and then on to New York. A passenger alerted the bus driver that a suspicious device may be on the bus, and the bus driver was able to pull over and get off to call for help.


The 17 passengers remained on board, but police said they had not been told to stay on the bus, and they weren’t sure why no one else had come off.

About two hours after the bus was stopped, the passengers finally began to get off. They exited the bus with their hands over their heads and walked down the street until they were met by what appeared to be a SWAT officer.

At least two people were led away from the area in handcuffs, but police were not calling them suspects. A passenger was also still on the bus and was being questioned.

This situation is fluid and I don’t want to see Janet Incompetano’s mug on my TV later telling me this is a “lone wolf” or a “one off” before the facts are known.


Gates Memo To Obama: Your Iran Nukes Policy Is Useless

It appears as though Gates wasn’t buying the whole outreached hand for the unclenched fist theory.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has warned in a secret three-page memorandum to top White House officials that the United States does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability, according to government officials familiar with the document.

Several officials said the highly classified analysis, written in January to President Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, touched off an intense effort inside the Pentagon, the White House and the intelligence agencies to develop new options for Mr. Obama. They include a revised set of military alternatives, still under development, to be considered should diplomacy and sanctions fail to force Iran to change course.

Officials familiar with the memo’s contents would describe only portions dealing with strategy and policy, and not sections that apparently dealt with secret operations against Iran, or how to deal with Persian Gulf allies.

One senior official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the memo, described the document as “a wake-up call.” But White House officials dispute that view, insisting that for 15 months they had been conducting detailed planning for many possible outcomes regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

I feel so much better.  Don’t you?

A side note:  I don’t condone the New York Times leaking this highly classified information whatsoever, but you have to wonder about the hissy fit that Barry, Gibbsy et al must be having over the betrayal by their number one cheerleader in the press.

Obama: We Won’t Use Nukes When [insert scenario here]

Why in God’s name would he want to tell our enemies when we won’t use nukes?  But don’t worry, there are “outliers.” 

 President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons, even in self defense.

But the president said in an interview that he was carving out an exception for “outliers like Iran and North Korea” that have violated or renounced the main treaty to halt nuclear proliferation.

Discussing his approach to nuclear security the day before formally releasing his new strategy, Mr. Obama described his policy as part of a broader effort to edge the world toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, and to create incentives for countries to give up any nuclear ambitions. To set an example, the new strategy renounces the development of any new nuclear weapons, overruling the initial position of his own defense secretary.

Mr. Obama’s strategy is a sharp shift from those adopted by his predecessors and seeks to revamp the nation’s nuclear posture for a new age in which rogue states and terrorist organizations are greater threats than traditional powers like Russia and China.


White House officials said that the new strategy will leave open the option of reconsidering the use of nuclear retaliation against a biological attack, if the development of such weapons reaches a level that makes United States vulnerable to a devastating strike.

How big of him.

Obama Admin’s Brennan: Criticizing Us Is Serving The Goals Of Al Queda

Brennan makes this statement in his whiny USA  Today op/ed in which he attempts to defend the indefensible regarding the Obama administrations’ handling of the Christmas Day Bomber and other counterterrorism policies.

In an oped in USA Today, John Brennan — Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism — responds to critics of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies by saying “Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.”

Brennan writes that, “Terrorists are not 100-feet tall. Nor do they deserve the abject fear they seek to instill.”

In the oped, titled “‘We need no lectures’: Administration disrupts terrorists’ plots, takes fight to them abroad,” Brennan writes that politics “should never get in the way of national security. But too many in Washington are now misrepresenting the facts to score political points, instead of coming together to keep us safe.”

The administration op-ed is in response to a USA Today editorial entitled “National security team fails to inspire confidence; Officials’ handling of Christmas Day attack looks like amateur hour.”

Brennan provides a detailed defense of the administration’s handling of failed Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab whom, he says, was “thoroughly interrogated and provided important information.”

He suggests that many critics are hypocritical and clueless.

The most important breakthrough in the interrogation occurred “after Abdulmutallab was read his rights, which the FBI made standard policy under Michael Mukasey, President Bush’s attorney general,” he writes, noting that failed shoe bomber Richard Reid “was read his Miranda rights five minutes after being taken off a plane he tried to blow up. The same people who criticize the president today were silent back then.”

Brennan said anyone who wants to change the policy would be casting aside lessons learned “in waging this war” on extremists.

So let me get this straight.  If we criticize Barry’s handling of terrorism we are helping Al Qaeda?  But I thought we have a right to question “any adminstration”, no?  At least that’s what Shrillary told us back in 2003.

Brennan, Gibbs, Axelrod and Barry himself can try to spin this all they want, but it does not change the undisputed fact that Americans do not want terrorists to be granted Constitutional rights such as Miranda, do not want terrorists tried in civilian courts, do not want Gitmo closed and do not want their president to sit down and chat it up with heads of states that sponsor terror and want to wipe Israel off the map.  Just ask Senator* Scott Brown. 

*bolded for extra pleasure