Tab For Massachusetts Stimulus Propaganda Signs Nears $500 Thousand

I pass one of these signs during my daily commute and have to fight the desire to plow it over with the Mighty Outback.

The Bay State has blown nearly $500,000 in taxpayer dough on road signs promoting President Obama’s stimulus projects – nearly 10 percent of the total nationwide – in a campaign Republicans are ripping as wasteful partisan propaganda in tough election year, a Herald review shows.

U.S. Department of Transportation spokeswoman Nancy Singer said state officials across the country have spent a total of $5 million on the signs – meaning Massachusetts accounts for nearly 10 percent of the nation’s total stimulus sign spending.

“It kills me to see us spending that much money on a bunch of signs to tell people what they’re spending their money on,” huffed Republican Jon Golnik, who’s running against U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) in the 5th congressional district. “It’s the definition of waste.”

The Obama-friendly signs – which cost some $443,000 to make and install – have popped up at construction sites everywhere from Danvers to Harvard. They remind motorists the president is “Putting America to Work,” even as local congressional Democrats fend off strong challengers riding a throw-the-bums out tide.

The review comes as U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has called for an investigation into “overtly political guidance on stimulus advertising.”

“Americans expected that stimulus funds would be used for projects that have lasting value and not as political propaganda,” Issa told the Herald.

10 freaking percent.  Way to go, Deval.

If Illinois has spent $1 million on its own, $5 million total seems low to me.   Not the the Obama administration would fudge numbers or anything. Beacause they’ve never done that before, right?

Remember in November.