Victor Davis Hanson eviscerates Maureen Dowd

VDH calls out MoDo on her PDS.

Much has been said about Maureen “I wanted to weave the idea into my column” Dowd’s latest take-down of Sarah Palin (“Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy.”) Her hit-piece is a self-parody. Instead, of seriously critiquing the wisdom or folly of Palin’s controversial decision to step down from the governorship, we get child-like sentences on spec like this:

On the shore of Lake Lucille, with wild fowl honking and the First Dude smiling, with Piper in the foreground and their Piper Cub in the background, the woman who took the Republican Party by storm only 10 months ago gave an incoherent, breathless and prickly stream of consciousness to a small group in her Wasilla yard.

In one shot, here is the caricatured snooty put-down of rural life (“wild fowl honking”), middle-class bourgeoisie culture and aspiration (“Piper in the foreground and their Piper Cub in the background”), and nowhereville in Middle America (“her Wasilla yard”).

VDH is always worth a full read through.