You Lie! Obama Brings Back False “If you like it you can keep it” Claim

After he admitted it was BS, no less.

Obama, today: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Because I can tell you that as the father of two young girls, I wouldn’t want any plan that interferes with the relationship between a family and their doctor.”

Except Obama said before a room full of Republicans that the previous version of the legislation they had voted on actually broke that pledge:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “The last thing I will say, though — let me say this about health care and the health care debate, because I think it also bears on a whole lot of other issues. If you look at the package that we’ve presented — and there’s some stray cats and dogs that got in there that we were eliminating, we were in the process of eliminating. For example, we said from the start that it was going to be important for us to be consistent in saying to people if you can have your — if you want to keep the health insurance you got, you can keep it, that you’re not going to have anybody getting in between you and your doctor in your decision making. And I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge.”

Is he that full of himself to believe if he repeats the same lie enough times that people will suddenly believe him?

I know, I know…

Confirmed: Maureen Dowd Has Officially Dropped Her Basket

In her column today, Maureen Dowd says that she just knows that Rep. Joe Wilson wanted to follow up his “YOU LIE” shout during Obama’s speech to Congress with the word “boy.”  Because, according to the NY Times’ resident dolt, all Southerners are paranoid racists.

Surrounded by middle-aged white guys — a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men’s club — Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” at a president who didn’t.

But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!


For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both.

I’m from Boston so I must be a racist, too.  You know, that whole busing thing.

This will be the meme for the rest of Obama’s presidency; disagree with The One and you are a racist.  It’s getting old and it will fail.

So much for being post-racial.