Welcome to Spitfire Murphy!  I was born and raised in Massachusetts and still call it home.  My first exposure to politics was in 1980 when I helped my father campaign for this long-shot candidate for president by the name of  Ronald Wilson Reagan.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  It’s not easy being a conservative in such a liberal state, but I know there are legions of others out there just like me – no matter where they live.  So if you feel like you are drowning in a sea of hackery and moonbattery, fear not!  For you are not alone.  In fact, you are among friends.

Enjoy the ride!


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  1. Living in liberal lands and being a conservative is a daily fight against insanity. As Jay Nordlinger has written (paraphrasing) “there are no safe zones any more where you can be free from ultra left politics”.

  2. Hullo, loppyd. Didn’t know you had a blog, ’til I just came across Speranza’s mention of it. Glad to’ve found you! : )
    Now, off to peruse your postings here…..

  3. Hi, I was reading comments from A o S and I saw you mention that you were banned at LGF. I talked to you a few times in there as I am from Massachusetts, also. I am curious what you did at LGF to get the boot. Thank you

  4. Evening loppyd : )
    I have conversed with you in the past on lgf.. just noticed you over at AoS : )
    Congratulations on your blog, I will check in!
    If I remember you are on the north shore where I am.. don’t fret there are plenty of good conservatives up here : )

    • PISSED:

      Good to see you! Saw your posts at AoS, but wasn’t sure if it was you.

      You’re right about the North Shore. I have been pleasantly surprised in recent years.

      • I lurk at a bunch of sites… sometimes it gets a little frustrating reading some of the moonbats idiotic rantings. I cant for the life of me see the world as they do. : )

        If you get a chance try the ice cream at Simply Sweet : )

      • I agree about the frustration…. between the Newburyport News, the B.Herald, the Globe, and the other sites… I could make it a full time job. : )

        Thats why I lurk, I still have to make a living!!

        Simply Sweet is on Inn st In Newburyport.

  5. Yo Loppyd, how bout them Sox.
    It’s raining and thundering down here in NE. Ct. Will be dropping in, when I am not working OT.

    • I was able to catch the end of the game last night – this has been a nice road trip so far.

      Hope to see you often!

  6. Ha! We morons have tracked you down to your personal website and will wander around like the perpetually inebriated Valu-Rite guzzlers we are.

    Better put some scotch-guard on the carpets …

  7. Hiya loppy,

    I got an email from an admirer of yours and I just thought I’d pop in and say hi.

    Nice blog you have here, I see a lot of possibilities. 🙂

    I’ll tell the gang over at the Deuce I popped in.


  8. Hi,

    Glad to see you have a blog. I’ll bookmark it. I need places to go now that I’ve been banned from LGF also for daring to discipline Charlie’s little pooch Killgore Trout. Oh, sorry your Red Sox’s got spanked last night.


    • Hey there! Happy to see you and hope to you stop by often. No rules here…speak your mind and have some laughs. Life is too short to be spending your waking hours looking for Stormfront members and Skinheads lurking in the bushes at tea parties!

      That was painful! My Red Sox finally came out of the ether and designated Smoltz for assignment. Beckett on the hill tonight.

  9. hey loppyd,
    a mutual fiend told me to stop by.
    i love the name of your blog.
    spitfire murphy
    excellent work you are doing here.

  10. Hi Loppyd! Just stopped by to say “hi” and to wish you luck with your blog!
    Um, have you by any chance seen the standings for the American League East?!
    I’m just sayin…………………………!

  11. Hey Spitfire!

    My grandmother’s maiden name was Murphy, my mom was born in Mass. I’ve been told that’s a pretty common surname, but who knows? I’m a conservative here in NJ of all places. We just fired Governor Corzine, (wooo-hooo!) there is hope…

    I found your site after posting about the WH “miscounting” the number of jobs saved/created.

    (shameless plug)

    That’s an impressive blogroll you have there. Hope you don’t mind if I add your site to mine. Keep up the good work.

    – Cheers!

  12. Wow!!! loppyd,
    I was reading your blog and am very impressed!!
    You’ve always had a lot of knowledge when it came to politics!!!! I always enjoyed our informative talks about politics. I loved the passion and conviction !!

  13. Hey lopps, good to see you’ve got a blog. I’ll come poke around once in awhile. BTW, have you gotten hitched yet?

      • My pleasure. : )
        We are –got four grandbaby girls on the way, 2 coming in May, & 2 in June…..to add to the 5 grandboys and 5 grandgirls already here, oldest one only 7! I am SO rich. : )
        Say! –I only discovered yesterday that I can get notifications in my e-mail box when you put up new posts…..just like I’ve got for Storagemanager’s site. I am pleased. : )

  14. Hi loppyd!
    This fellow Northshore Moron wishes you the best.

    This is a war and were going to win. Our type will not be told how to vote- EVER! This movement moves forward starting today..

    The immediate threat has been smashed yesterday by our victories all across the country. We can begin to breath free again.

    Barack Obama’s Chicago mob which has been destroying our todays and killing our children’s tomorrows, has been put flat on its back. Not since Hoover has this happened this big. They had us down but they haven’t dented the true spirit of Americanism.

    Our government was kidnapped but we were not lobotomized. The spirit of America and its willingness to fight will shine through. America’s pent up “Can do” spirit, will burst forth and we will be on our way to once again being the greatest country earth has ever seen.

    Many have said America has been so damaged that she can never be put back together. They say the damage Obama has done is fatal and permanent. Don’t buy it, mmkay?

    We have been in worse situations and have brought America back in spite of the people running our government.

    Now with a new conservative government coming in next January, our energies will be unleashed and trust me, there will always be someone among us, We The People, who can play the “piano.” That “piano” is the spirit of American exceptionalism that can never be extinguished.

    Paul Ryan will step up and start untying the hands of our great American economic engine.

    The dozens of combat veterans and former CIA and FBI agents who will be taking office will immediately begin to change the way we fight our war on Terror and protect our borders.

    As Speaker, John Boehner will call for and get a vote to repeal Obamacare.

    Boehner will get busy defunding and killing Obamacare. He will defund the Obama’s private government known as the Czar system.

    We have not been lobotomized. We are Americans and “Can Do” is part of our DNA. Soon we’ll feel the difference in our lives, as Patriotic Americans battle Obamism.

    Defundingly yours,

  15. Just foud the blog, great work! I would like to put a link on my blog, if you don’t mind. I started back in April and am just now getting some traffic.

    • Thank you! I noticed your link earlier today – very nice blog you have there. I am adding to the list here as well.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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