More Trouble In Paradise. Panetta Threatened To Quit

Who can blame him?

A “profanity-laced screaming match” at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of another damning internal investigation, has administration officials worrying about the direction of its newly-appoint intelligence team, current and former senior intelligence officials tell ABC

Amid reports that Panetta had threatened to quit just seven months after taking over at the spy agency, other insiders tell that senior White House staff members are already discussing a possible shake-up of top national security officials.

“You can expect a larger than normal turnover in the next year,” a senior adviser to Obama on intelligence matters told

Panetta’s anger is justified.  Queen Nancy tells the press that his agency “lies all the time” to Congress and Eric Holder appears bent on prosecuting CIA agents for pouring water on people who planned the murders of 3,000 Americans and had knowledge of future attacks.  And now the pending document dump while Barry vacations with the Beautiful People on Martha’s Vineyard.  I’d be livid, too.

5 thoughts on “More Trouble In Paradise. Panetta Threatened To Quit

  1. The depths to which these traitorous Obama appointments will sink knows no limits.The constant threats are explicit warnings to all CIA operatives past and present.

    What was it re: Valerie Plame that got the lefturds all in a tizzy?/

  2. There is a myth that the CIA is run by right-wingers. The CIA has always been a Democratic run ever since it was founded on the backs of the O.S.S. after World War II. operation. recall how the CIA waged a war of leaks against the Bush administration. Also I have always felt that Pannetta was a fellow of a high degree of integrity (for a liberal at least).

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