Obama Hiding From White House Press Corps?

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Looks like the White House has embargoed Barry after Plugs and The Pants Suit made fools of themselves with their contradicting statments on the crisis in Egypt over the weekend.

Amidst the growing tensions inside Egypt, the Obama administration is increasingly shutting reporters out at the White House.  This seems to be the underlying American subtext to the Egyptian crisis and has many reporters wondering if the White House has forgotten about protocol or more importantly, transparency.  The administration is now blocking reporters from standard events where they may come into contact with President Obama.  The White House’s actions smack of a virtual media blackout and have many journalists wondering if the White House is simply trying to block media access to the president so as to insulate him from having to answer questions on Egypt.  

The matter has raised the ire of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA).  Earlier today, the WHCA’s board issued a letter to White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, lodging a formal complaint over the lack of press access and release of information. 

Scorned lovers.

Update:   NRO’s Jim Geraghty makes a great point in today’s Morning Jolt.  Unless it’s all about Himself, Barry doesn’t like to be bothered with the media.

As a candidate, and at times as president, Obama can be appallingly ubiquitous; since becoming president, Obama has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman, taped a question-and-answer promoting Conan O’Brien’s transition to The Tonight Show, taped a promotion for George Lopez, taped a video for The Colbert Report, taped a prime-time special with Oprah, been the subject of an NBC News prime-time special, been the subject of an HBO documentary, grilled with Food Network star Bobby Flay, popped up in commercials during Thanksgiving football, filled out his NCAA basketball tournament picks on ESPN, and been on American Idol. (Twice.)

And yet when somebody tried to blow up a flight over Detroit on Christmas, Obama stayed away from cameras for three days. Mid-summer of last year, as the Gulf oil spill worsened and his administration’s response came under fire, Obama went into bunker mode. The only time Obama doesn’t want to speak to us is when we actually want to hear what he has to say.

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Update via Morning Jolt which is an entertaing daily must-read written by National Review’s Jim Geraghty. Sign up here.

5 thoughts on “Obama Hiding From White House Press Corps?

  1. I missed Punxattony Phil yesterday. At this point 6 more weeks of Climate Change would be my most optimistic prediction. How much global warming did you get in the Spitfire Fuhrer Bunker in unnamed North Shore locale?

  2. More than I care to document! I wonder if all of the Global Warming that fell from the sky will be blamed for more *unexpected* jobless claims this week?

    How did the EIM bunker fare in the unnamed Merrimack Valley town?

  3. As I sit here today watching the tribute to President Reagan- what a wonderful world it was. We had a President who embraced the ideals of America- believed in capitalism and success. Today we have a president who has torn our ideals and beliefs to shreds. He hides in the shadows of the White House.

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