3 thoughts on “Erin Go Braugh!

  1. Father O’Malley was walking along the lane in the old country when he cam upon one of his Parishoners.
    “Why the long face Seamus”, asked the Father.
    “It’s me poor dog patches. He’s gone on to his reward Father”, said Seamus
    “Well now”, said the father,” I know you loved ole patches.”
    “Indeed” ,said an inconsolable Seamus, “Do you think you could say a blessing for him at Mass?”
    “Well now Seamus , I don’t think it would be appropriate to say a blessing for a dog at Mass. Try the Universalist Church. Lord knows they’ll bless anything”, said the Father.

    “Do you think a 5,000 Euro contribution will be enough for them?” asked Seamus.
    “Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus ! “exclaimed the Father , “You didn’t tell me the dog was Catholic!

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