This Says It All

Byron York did a quick Lexis Nexis search on the Muslim-Outreach comments made by NASA director, Charles Bolden.

Here is what the search yielded:

  • Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program in the New York Times: 0.
  • Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program in the Washington Post: 0.
  • Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on NBC Nightly News: 0.
  • Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on ABC World News: 0.
  • Total words about the NASA Muslim outreach program on CBS Evening News: 0.
I can’t wait to see these Obama rump swabs don their funeral attire (think Katie Couric in black circa 2004) the morning after the November midterms.
Source: Byron York’s Beltway Confidential Blog via Instapundit via Newsbusters

Peals Of Laughter Broke Out In The Briefing Room

It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but members of the White House Press Corps couldn’t help themselves.  They were reacting to the following statement from Robert Gibbs:

President Obama and the media actually have a surprisingly hostile relationship – as contentious on a day-to-day basis as any between press and president in the last decade, reporters who cover the White House say.
And he hasn’t held a press conference in over ten months.  The next one should be very interesting. 

USA Today/Gallup Poll: 50% Of Americans Say Obama Does Not Deserve Re-election

So in the MSM and certain blogger’s minds that must make 50% of Americans raaaacists.

Last week’s jubilant signing of the health care overhaul, Obama’s signature domestic initiative, seems to have given the president little boost. Instead, his standing on four personal qualities has sagged, and 50% of those surveyed say he doesn’t deserve re-election.


In the survey last Friday through Sunday, the president gets tough treatment:

• Obama’s standing on four key personal qualities, including being a strong and decisive leader and understanding the problems Americans face in their lives, has dipped. For the first time since the 2008 campaign, he fails to win a majority of people saying he shares their values and can manage the government effectively.

• Twenty-six percent say he deserves “a great deal” of the blame for the nation’s economic problems, nearly double the number who felt that way last summer. In all, half say he deserves at least a moderate amount of blame.

The blame directed at his predecessor, former president George W. Bush, hasn’t eased, however: 42% now give Bush “a great deal” of blame, basically unchanged from 43% last July.

• By 50%-46%, those surveyed say Obama doesn’t deserve re-election.

Obama’s approval rating on handling the economy, foreign affairs and the federal budget deficit hasn’t significantly changed from February. It has risen a bit on health care, though he doesn’t get majority approval on any of the categories.

Can you imagine the numbers without the MSM cheerleading squad?

Bonus Graphic. Click to see how Barry The Most Merciful fares against past presidents when it comes to approval numbers

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Watch this awesome video by Evan Coyne Maloney which takes us on a journey back to the Bush years when dissent was patriotic and it was cool to liken him to Hitler.

Via Powerline

Evan has now produced a timely new video splicing together footage that he calls “A trip down memory lane.” He describes it as four minutes of nonstop examples of violent imagery and extremist rhetoric employed by left-wing anti-Bush protesters. He writes: “For some reason, despite it being well documented at the time by me and many others, the media chose to ignore it.” Indeed.

The Husky Blogger was not available for comment.

Dem Pollsters on ObamaCare: “Never in our experience as pollsters can we recall such self-deluding misconstruction of survey data. “

This comes from pollsters to the last two Democratic presidents.

Nothing has been more disconcerting than to watch Democratic politicians and their media supporters deceive themselves into believing that the public favors the Democrats’ current health-care plan. Yes, most Americans believe, as we do, that real health-care reform is needed. And yes, certain proposals in the plan are supported by the public.

However, a solid majority of Americans opposes the massive health-reform plan. Four-fifths of those who oppose the plan strongly oppose it, according to Rasmussen polling this week, while only half of those who support the plan do so strongly. Many more Americans believe the legislation will worsen their health care, cost them more personally and add significantly to the national deficit. Never in our experience as pollsters can we recall such self-deluding misconstruction of survey data.

This is what happens when an adoring press corps (silent “p”, Barry) laps up every word The One says as gospel.  The yes-men on the inside tell the president what he wants to hear and the yes-men of the MSM cheer it on.