Where The Hell Is Secretary Napolitano?

That is the question that Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee were asking when she was a no-show for Wednesday’s hearing on the Christmas Day Bomber.  If they were ticked off off at the hearing, imagine their reaction when they saw her putting the nap in Napolitano at the State of the Union that very night?

Top Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee publicly scolded Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for failing to show up at a Wednesday hearing where the committee examined the attempted Christmas Day suicide bombing of Northwest Flight 253. One Democrat on the committee said he wanted to know “where the hell” Napolitano was.

That evening, Napolitiano [sic] did prominently show up at the Capitol to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. But earlier in the day, she dispatched Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute to testify on her behalf in the Homeland Security Committee on what went wrong in the homeland-security process that allowed would-be suicide-bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a plane bound from Amsterdam to the Detroit.

The committee has primary oversight over Napolitano’s department, and top Democrats on the panel made it clear they were angry that she failed to show up for such an important hearing.

She is Obama’s very own man-caused disaster.

Via Hot Air

5 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is Secretary Napolitano?

  1. Funny thing bout Napolitano is that as a Democratic Governor of Arizona she was a fairly moderate/conservative but like Kathleen Sibelius (a Dem Governor of Kansas ) once these red state governors go to Washington DC to work for a Democratic POTUS – their liberalism comes out. It would be smart if these conservative states would not elect Democratic Governors because if they were truly moderate or conservative they would not be Democrats.

  2. “What!? Huh….napping!? Um…no, I was resting my eyes as a contingency plan against dozing off in the middle of the President’s state of the Union address. As you can see, the system worked!”


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